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presidency / президентство, председательство, округ
имя существительное
presidency, presidentship
district, county, region, parish, circuit, presidency
имя существительное
the office of president.
the presidency of the US
Lee succeeded to the presidency and remained in office for 12 years.
During Jefferson's presidency a friend observed him on his way to church, carrying a large prayer book.
Most supporters of the candidates believe their machinery will do the job to win the presidency .
We did it through the presidency, the presidency of the United States.
But then, no president had begun his presidency with less public support than President Clinton.
Yet he never solicited money for his presidential library during his presidency .
President Polk during his presidency lusted for more land than the country had ever before controlled.
And I like to say that I knew right then and there that he'd be vice president and would be a candidate for the presidency .
Losing the presidency is losing the presidency whether or not the election is close.
In effect, Congress delegated the war power to the presidency but reserved the right to force removal of the troops.