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preside / председательствовать, осуществлять руководство, осуществлять контроль
preside, chair, chairman, moderate, be in the chair
осуществлять руководство
осуществлять контроль
be in the position of authority in a meeting or gathering.
Bishop Herbener presided at the meeting
play (a musical instrument, especially a keyboard instrument) at a public gathering.
No longer was there a need for the composer to preside at the keyboard.
Equally disturbing to many, Parliament routed execution of these new laws through admiralty courts, where a judge would preside unhampered by either jurors or public spectators.
So far, unionists have refused to elect a deputy Lord Mayor so that Maskey, alone in the chair, will have to preside without respite throughout all council meetings.
the prime minister will preside at an emergency cabinet meeting
Native Tanzanians preside in all positions in major religions.
This massive biography describes the rise to power of the last great English churchman to preside over the King's government.
Father Spellman, presiding , spoke to mourners of a great sadness in all our hearts today.
The World Trade Organisation will preside over a conference of most of the world's countries in Cancun, Mexico, this month.
Tony Hargreaves, presiding , congratulated Simms on a glowing report by the probation service.
He will preside at the piano while the baritone Kenneth Holton handles the vocal chores.
He presides over an administration that is riven with ethnic, religious and regional rivalries.