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preservationist / защитник
имя существительное
defender, back, protector, quarterback, advocate, preservationist
имя существительное
a supporter or advocate of the preservation of something, especially of historic buildings and artifacts.
Into this gloomy atmosphere came a national drive by preservationists and conservationists to create national parks and forests in the eastern United States.
That shows him to be more than simply the wilderness preservationist he is often tagged as today.
Such preservationists were also often collectors of fine art; they collected the finest of man's works and of nature's works, preserving both in museum-like settings.
Most preservationists are focused on traditional buildings, and popular sentiment favours familiar monuments and main streets, rarely the modern.
Unlike the preservationists , we believe that it is our job to manage the animal kingdom with the natural predators that God has provided to keep populations in balance.
Do most film preservationists and archivists think home movies are worthy of preservation?
While preservationists can provide copious examples of how to deal with seemingly redundant historic buildings in a profitable fashion across the globe, Moscow has its own examples of what can and should be done.
On the one hand, preservationists believe that nature should not be reduced to dollars and cents.
Countering the trend toward developing the countryside to accommodate more housing are the preservationists , who want to expand parks, preserve a traditional country way of life, and keep urban dwellers out of these areas.
From the beginning there have been preservationists who have argued that restoration is premature.
To help reverse this trend, the Namibian government has established a team of cultural preservationists - performers, artists, historians, and researchers.