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preservation / сохранение, сохранность, консервирование
имя существительное
conservation, preservation, retention, maintenance, reservation, safekeeping
safety, keeping, preservation
canning, preserving, conservation, preservation, curing, packing
имя существительное
the action of preserving something.
the preservation of the city's green spaces
But it is Machu Picchu's remarkable unity and state of preservation that are so satisfying to a visitor.
food preservation
The plans were almost identical to a scheme that was refused two years ago on a number of grounds, including tree preservation .
In the ancient world, herbs were valued as much for food preservation as they were for flavor.
food preservation
Vinyl hasn't simply become a symbol of cultural preservation or nostalgia, however.
the homestead is in a fine state of preservation
On green space, Mr Lewis says preservation of natural heritage rates above jobs and tourism.
Entire villages, thanks to careful preservation or restoration, are attractions themselves.
Unlike other fruits, it has not found a place in the market or been used in the food preservation industry.