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presentiment / предчувствие
имя существительное
anticipation, feeling, premonition, presentiment, foreboding, hunch
имя существительное
an intuitive feeling about the future, especially one of foreboding.
a presentiment of disaster
He enjoyed his time at school, although there was a presentiment of things to come when, in the summer of 1960, he was sent home for hosting a wine party in the grounds.
He hoped that we could meet some other time, but I had a presentiment that a future occasion may not be possible in this world.
It is such a powerful presentiment of my own death that I begin to cry.
a presentiment of disaster
Pip leaves the room, though returns a few minutes later on some odd presentiment .
But there was the tiniest presentiment of disaster.
A presentiment of unease enveloped me before I could find my seat at the rear of the plane.
a presentiment of disaster
But it wasn't only that vanished world they represented, but also the vanished happiness of my father's family; the faces smiling without any presentiment of their coming wartime doom.
But, although he thought of it as invalid, at the same time he felt it to be the expression of a true presentiment .