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presentation / презентация, представление, вручение
имя существительное
representation, presentation, idea, represent, submission, performance
delivery, presentation, serving, commitment, handle, committal
имя существительное
the proffering or giving of something to someone, especially as part of a formal ceremony.
the presentation of certificates to new members
the position of a fetus in relation to the cervix at the time of delivery.
breech presentation
Panza's sensitivity to the villa's historical and natural character may also explain the specific objects he donated and the manner of their presentation .
The announcement was made on Wednesday at the Grand Stand on Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain, during the formal presentation of awards.
Obviously, there will be a change in editorial style, presentation and even philosophy, but surely making these changes is the newspaper's prerogative.
The students were also asked to give a presentation to an audience of teachers, friends, family and councillors on any aspect of space, which particularly interested them.
The Department of Business Tourism and Culture organized a set of rotating workshops to highlight its marketing plans as well as a presentation of its product development strategy.
The Co-op donated food for the breakfast bash and gave a presentation on Fairtrade products.
Mrs McEvoy, 46, and her son had no idea that the presentation would take place - they thought that they were going on a holiday to meet up with their friends for the first time.
All the writers I have named above as preeminent leaders in the field have chosen to emphasise the substance of their work over the style of their presentation .
He also made a presentation of a piece of Waterford Crystal to John.
Published in 1995, the set is an older release from Reader's Digest but presents an example of a simple style of presentation that will appeal to young beginner bakers.