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presentable / презентабельный, респектабельный, приличный
имя прилагательное
respectable, presentable
decent, respectable, seemly, proper, decorous, presentable
имя прилагательное
clean, well dressed, or decent enough to be seen in public.
I did my best to make myself look presentable
In short he really tried hard to make himself presentable , which he knew would help him when he called at houses selling his wares.
Everybody likes to be in clean clothes and to look presentable , including the migrant workers.
They simply go ahead and recruit smartly dressed, presentable presenters.
You will look presentable when you want to look presentable , and today just isn't one of those days.
I wouldn't say he's especially handsome, although he's reasonably good looking and presentable .
For now, I need to make myself presentable and get ready to watch the England vs. Denmark football match.
Ordinary kids, the type most of us have cluttering up our living rooms, are just not genetically programmed to be presentable .
We managed to set up the retaining wall near the back fence and our back yard now looks a lot cleaner and presentable than it was before.
In fact, making people look and sound presentable is big business these days.
After another half an hour of rushing about, the place was looking quite presentable , then right on time, there was a knock on the door.