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presence / присутствие, наличие, явка
имя существительное
presence, attendance
availability, presence, existence
appearance, presence
имя существительное
the state or fact of existing, occurring, or being present in a place or thing.
her presence still comforts me
You can actually see passers-by slide their eyes around the police and military presence .
the memorial was unveiled in the presence of 24 veterans
The fact he could utter the word in the presence of his most deadly enemies says much about the Christian upbringing of the man.
Mr Youssef said that a regular and visible police presence was the best deterrent to criminals.
The vertebrates are characterized by the presence of a bony skeleton and a brain.
We had been in the presence of a man of God, a gentle giant, a man of strong conviction astride a gentle soul.
he has a real physical presence
To be in the presence of someone who obviously loves his job and cares about his audience is truly unique.
Though she would draw immense comfort from his presence , she did not want him to see her suffer.
my presence in the flat made her happy