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preselect / предварительно отбирать
предварительно отбирать
select or set in advance.
the personal shopper would preselect clothes for a customer
Did the Liberals deliberately preselect Markus to make religion an issue?
No attempt was made to preselect individuals in long-term relationships, and thus the return rate from individuals who were eligible to participate could not be determined.
the personal shopper would preselect clothes for a customer
The agreement aims to rewrite the rules of the computer business so consumers will be able to buy machines loaded with a variety of different software, not just those features preselected by Microsoft, the Justice Department said.
Because budgeting is so complicated on building projects, you may find that preselecting a contractor - then bringing him or her in at this early stage - results in a more cost-effective design.
The angles were preselected by using a random number table.
The amplification conditions were the same as described in the preselective amplification reaction.
It's believed 8 candidates will run for preselection .
They said the Party didn't show loyalty to two Upper House MPs who were dumped in recent preselections .
Even many of the women themselves don't have the confidence to stand for preselection .