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preseason / предсезонного
  • preseason tournament - предсезонный турнир
имя существительное
the period of time before the regular season.
‘It's good to know that I've had two solid preseasons , and people around the league feel I can play,’ Dickenson says.
имя прилагательное
(of a sporting event) taking place before the regular season.
It would be their first venture to the west coast for preseason drills.
He has arthritis in the shoulder and didn't play in the final three preseason games but is expected to play in the opener.
That momentum needs to continue into training camp and preseason games.
The growing pains he experienced during the preseason are a thing of the past.
He played well in training camp and has looked good in the preseason .
Personnel changes on defense showed positive results during training camp and the preseason .
Yes, this was a preseason game, but both teams' regulars were getting heavy minutes.
As a rookie, he suffered a serious shoulder injury making a tackle in a preseason game and later hurt a knee.
Last summer, Warner had a decent preseason , leading some to believe he had found his groove again.
Perhaps the most important find of the preseason came in the final game.
Neither the offense nor the defense has found rhythm in the preseason .