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preprint / препринт
имя существительное
something that is printed in advance, especially a part of a work printed and issued before general publication of that work.
This trend will gain further strength if the journals that make preprints available on the internet or publish internet-only versions of reports are taken into account.
print (something) in advance.
a preprinted form
For instance, in the astrophysics field alone, its internet preprint service publishes more than 15 new research papers every day, all of which are freely accessible to the public.
Why does a paper always seem like breaking news when it's in the preprint section, anyway?
I had also read a preprint of Francis's own review, ‘On protein synthesis’.
For that matter, he asked, ‘When does a preprint become a paper?’
In other fields, it's more important that non-experts can assume that published work has been vetted by reliable researchers; putting every paper out on a free preprint server is a dicier proposition.
It's published in the preprint section of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which is a pretty nice journal to be in, and (for a number of reasons) not one that drug company research finds its way into all that often.
Rather than filling out a new health information form each year, preprint the forms with all of the information that you collected for each camper last year.
Currently, the in-press service provides preprint articles about four months ahead of the print version.
We wish to thank the Doctor for sharing with us a preprint of his manuscript.
It is then published as a private preprint on the journal site at an address known only to the editor, authors and reviewers.