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preppy / учащийся частной средней школы
имя существительное
учащийся частной средней школы
имя прилагательное
of or typical of a student or graduate of an expensive prep school, especially with reference to their style of dress.
the preppy look
имя существительное
a student or graduate of an expensive prep school or a person resembling such a student in dress or appearance.
That's an expensive private school for preppies , right?
One of the things I wanted to impersonate was a preppy .
I then replaced my preppy , stylish clothing with dark, baggy apparel.
Even though I had enjoyed high school, in the eyes of my white, rich, preppy peers, I was as an outcast.
Or maybe I just didn't like her fake, dyed copper hair or preppy clothing style.
They always criticized my clothing, because they were preppy girls.
I then heard this loud, preppy voice and it sounded a lot like Tessa.
A car full of tough, preppy guys drove next to us and stopped.
There's an army of preppy kids and only a handful of skaters.
He's funny, but not dumb, like a lot of the funny, popular, preppy guys.
It runs like an upmarket American holiday camp, with a 100% preppy house-party atmosphere.