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preponderant / преобладающий, имеющий перевес, имеющий превосходство
имя прилагательное
prevailing, predominant, predominate, prevalent, dominant, preponderant
имеющий перевес
имеющий превосходство
имя прилагательное
predominant in influence, number, or importance.
the preponderant influence of the US within the alliance
To Mead, the majority population bore preponderant responsibility for the landscape's condition.
In view of its preponderant military and economic power, the willingness of the nation to exercise its influence over others is less remarkable than its relative restraint.
But it also has a special obligation to justify its actions by principles that transcend the assertions of preponderant power.
This is a reflection of the preponderant US role in the drafting of this document.
The preponderant opinion was rural and reactionary and suspicious of some of the proposed social legislation.
As a preponderant power, it can provide an important public good by acting as a mediator.
In other words, it takes into account the preponderant aspect of a specific professional activity: whether it is weighted more heavily toward intellectual elaboration or toward muscularnervous effort.
Owing to its preponderant tribal population and geographical variation, this process in Orissa was different from the Indo-Gangetic model.
Any doubts about the seminal role of oil in determining a modern industrial nation's wealth can be laid to rest by reflecting on the preponderant weight of oil in the world's economy.
The preponderant influence of these players speaks to something else about the nature of football, a characteristic that lends the game a persistently subversive, rebellious quality.