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prepay / предоплата
имя существительное
prepayment, prepay
платить вперед
Frank, prepay
pay for in advance.
prepaid health plans
Drivers could be required to prepay traffic fees, either online or at street-level vending machines.
The survey found that 45% of adult prepay customers could save money by switching to a contract.
The prepay phone is a mass-market model and does not normally sit comfortably with a company whose culture is centered on differentiation.
Regional terminals in the Corn Belt quit taking orders for prepay ammonia in mid-December.
You may choose any amount between $5 and $35, and prepay the number of months you desire.
The state of Florida has the longest operating prepay program.
It is on the simplest prepay tariff, which I use because I do not know how long I am going to be in Britain and I do not wish to commit myself to a fixed term contract.
Employers prepay for spaces in designated centres.
However, analysts say heavy promotions and free prepay cards and handsets are destroying value in the sector.
Yes, there is some portion of the travelling population that pays a cash fare every day and it is desirable for these people to instead use some prepay method in order to save time and resources.