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preparedness / готовность, подготовленность
имя существительное
readiness, alacrity, willingness, preparedness, trim, promptitude
preparedness, readiness, qualification, efficiency
имя существительное
a state of readiness, especially for war.
the country maintained a high level of military preparedness
Goodwill, cooperation and preparedness to be open and accountable always achieve much better outcomes.
Meanwhile the leadership's support of military preparedness discomfited pacifists.
The rugby match was deadly serious, played out by two teams at a peak of preparedness , driven by uninhibited ambition.
A good level of preparedness can be achieved by spending time and money on a thorough business valuation.
Now, certainly no one is advocating panic but they are advocating preparedness .
Will contractors have to agree to inspections that evaluate this same level of preparedness ?
Patriotic organizations advocating military preparedness found new listeners.
This was part of a half-yearly exercise to assess the level of preparedness of the agencies concerned in meeting an oil spill.
People now accept that a minimum level of preparedness is crucial to tackle a military contingency.
And the reality is that building the kind of preparedness that we need is an ongoing process.