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prepare / готовить, готовиться, подготавливать
ready, prepare, cook, train, make, do
prepare, qualify, train, study, be afoot, busk
ready, prepare, arrange, get up
make (something) ready for use or consideration.
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(in conventional harmony) lead up to (a discord) by means of preparation.
to prepare for Christmas
Without a refrigerator or stove, and perhaps only a hot plate to prepare meals, food choices are expensive and generally not very nutritious.
Large vats of very caustic chemicals are used to prepare the metal.
schools should prepare children for life
However none of those were able to prepare me for dealing with change properly.
As part of this, children are guided to prepare craft sheets and helped by teachers to understand shapes, colours, animals, birds and insects.
wash your hands before you prepare the food
Ticket holders have access to several stations where chefs prepare the food in woks and large sauté pans.
prepare a brief summary of the article
He used this method to prepare sodium, potassium, calcium, and other elements for the first time.