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preparatory / подготовительный, предварительный, приготовительный
имя прилагательное
preliminary, advance, preparatory, introductory, anticipatory, interlocutory
prep, preparatory, preparative
имя прилагательное
serving as or carrying out preparation for a task or undertaking.
more preparatory work is needed
Children begin school in kindergarten and attend elementary, preparatory , and secondary school.
Volunteers are required to carry out the preparatory work.
Agriculture and economic policy have their own special preparatory committees.
The preparatory committee has been overwhelmed by the interest shown by exhibitors.
The administration is not serious in carrying out the preparatory work needed for the enforcement of the bylaw.
I know that they have been carrying out the preparatory work to effect the repairs needed.
He was speaking during the preliminary preparatory meeting for the official launch of the project on May 13.
Students can choose to spend the second three years either in a preparatory program or in vocational training.
Brian was therefore sent to a preparatory school on the south coast as a boarder.
She did preparatory research for the committee's work and took part in the process of discussing and drafting the proposed law that this paper analyses.