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preparation / подготовка, препарат, приготовление
имя существительное
preparation, training, background, run-up, lead-up
preparation, mount
preparation, arrangement, preparative
имя существительное
the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.
the preparation of a draft contract
The paper could be made from silk, muslin or cotton fibre and the preparation of the paper was time consuming in its own right.
All players in the above age groups are urged to attend these training sessions in preparation for the upcoming county leagues.
One or two subject-matter experts, within the company, would continue the leader training process in preparation for upcoming cycles.
At least 80 Indonesian workers were currently undergoing training in Japan in preparation for the opening of the new plants.
the project is in preparation
a microscope preparation
the preparation of a draft contract
Throughout much of Turkey, wedding soup, a preparation of lamb meat with bone, egg, lemon juice, flour, butter, and red pepper, is served at wedding celebrations.
Her philosophy revolves around the preparation of organic vegetarian food.
All under-age teams are being trained and coached in preparation for their upcoming competitions.