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prep / приготовительный
имя прилагательное
prep, preparatory, preparative
имя существительное
приготовление уроков
prep, preparation
приготовительная школа
preparatory school, prep, prep-school
имя существительное
I do the prep
a student or graduate of a prep school.
preps as well as Westerners with Ivy League degrees
prepare (something); make ready.
scores of volunteers help prep the food
So if the man in your life regularly appears with bits of toilet paper stuck to his face, look for one of the dozens of pre-shave products that will prep the beard and the skin.
to prep for his role he trimmed his unruly locks
to prep for his role he trimmed his unruly locks
I live nearby so I have no real issues but we have staff that need to get home and do prep work for these storms.
Because state-standard tests are supposed to measure actual learning, prep courses teach substance over strategy.
We started making less vegetable platters than were ordered, figuring the food waste was too great to prep them in advance and we could throw a replacement together quickly if the guests devoured the first ones we sent out.
If you let it go much longer than that, you'll need more preparation work, and prep is the hardest part of the job!
This will be my last quiet week at work before the February students return and the new prep students start.
He stopped his prep work and watched me intently.
scores of volunteers help prep the food