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preoccupy / захватывать раньше, занять раньше, занимать внимание
захватывать раньше
занять раньше
занимать внимание
(of a matter or subject) dominate or engross the mind of (someone) to the exclusion of other thoughts.
his mother was preoccupied with paying the bills
Why do sectarian issues so preoccupy these young people?
Rita is not a mere love interest but a heroine, and her presence brings a refreshing jolt of practicality that contrasts with the mind games that preoccupy the male characters.
Treatment is tailored to the specific concerns that preoccupy each person.
It looks like the rising number of minorities in the prison system is a chronic problem that will preoccupy us for a long time.
Our flight from rationality is evidenced in other panics which currently preoccupy us.
Being with friends, entertaining and creating a luxurious setting all preoccupy you.
This reflects the fact the subjects other than food have tended to preoccupy classical scholars.
But these problems, the ones that preoccupy people in their daily lives, are to do with the fact that the transport system isn't good enough.
The outcome will preoccupy historians for centuries.
I talk about things that preoccupy me, but I've got nothing significant to add to the greater good.