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prenatal / предродовой, внутриутробный, происшедший до рождения
имя прилагательное
prenatal, antenatal
происшедший до рождения
имя прилагательное
before birth; during or relating to pregnancy.
prenatal development
A healthy child was delivered at term, and the couple will be offered prenatal diagnosis in subsequent pregnancies.
Abused women were also less likely to have prenatal care check-ups during pregnancy.
During an early prenatal visit, most pregnant women are given a blood test to screen for syphilis.
Autism cannot currently be detected at birth or through any prenatal screening.
The screening test studied was prenatal serum screening for Down's syndrome.
Malformations affecting the spine are often diagnosed prenatally or are apparent in the delivery room.
There are multiple advantages of knowing if a fetus is affected prenatally .
Thirty infants were enrolled into the study: 16 exposed prenatally to cigarette smoke and 14 control infants.
Currently, physicians are able to diagnose many more birth defects than they are able to treat prenatally .
Participants were recruited prenatally and attended review clinics at age 3 and 5 years.