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premier / первый
имя прилагательное
first, top, former, maiden, opening, premier
имя существительное
государственный секретарь
Secretary of State, premier
premier, prime minister, cabinetmaker
имя прилагательное
first in importance, order, or position; leading.
Germany's premier rock band
имя существительное
a prime minister or other head of government.
The premier told the president that failure to co-operate with The Hague would have disastrous consequences for the country.
It's what Google needs in order to remain the premier search engine.
That's why Faulk and James are considered the premier players at their position.
He is an excellent athlete and should be a premier defender at the position.
He is only the second premier to have led Cabinet officials in a walk - out from a legislative session.
Today he is the Labor premier in Australia's most populous state, with about seven million people.
The national league is the premier competition in Australia.
Further, the book will be of immense help to all those who are interested in keeping Indian agriculture in its premier position.
After two years there, he returned to Moscow and joined the Bolshoi Ballet; from 1899 he was its premier dancer.
Over the decades, Cash carved out his position as the premier purveyor of bluesy country music around, and his craggy visage is a picture of cool even today.
We want to maintain this position as the premier hotel, first here, then in Thailand, then in Asia, and then maybe in the world.