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prelude / прелюдия, вступление
имя существительное
prelude, proem
entry, accession, assumption, entrance, opening, prelude
служить вступлением
start off, start, begin, commence, initiate, prelude
имя существительное
an action or event serving as an introduction to something more important.
education cannot simply be a prelude to a career
an introductory piece of music, most commonly an orchestral opening to an act of an opera, the first movement of a suite, or a piece preceding a fugue.
His surviving output consists solely of instrumental music, including organ preludes and fugues, concertos for two harpsichords, and trio sonatas, much of it strongly influenced by Bach.
serve as a prelude or introduction to.
the bombardment preluded an all-out final attack
The Woodland Trust, as a prelude to National Tree Week, is holding family planting events from November 18-23 in its Tree For All initiative.
The prelude of the first suite was played dizzyingly fast but without any perceptible regular pulse, as was that of the fifth suite.
In the statements he made yesterday, Moussa indicated that the September ministerial meeting could prelude the Arab summit.
The event is a prelude to the Hong Kong International Races on December 12.
Hopefully it forms a brief diversion from the main action, and a prelude to the character development and genuinely shocking revelations of the third volume.
The unnamed mistress, of whom the first eight lines are prelude , is finally addressed, but not until line nine- ‘As I meet thee.’
The orchestral prelude of the work isn't necessarily my favorite and part of why I find the piece itself fraught with a few problems.
On this occasion he will be performing one prelude and fugue by Bach, a Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt and ‘Airs of Spain’ by Albeniz.
Freshers' Cuppers - a prelude to the Freshers' Varsity match taking place on 7 November - saw a good turnout of athletes and many strong performances from athletes old and new.
education cannot simply be a prelude to a career