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prejudice / предубеждение, ущерб, предрассудок
имя существительное
prejudice, bias, preconception, animus, prepossession, warp
damage, prejudice, harm, detriment, injury, loss
prejudice, preconception
наносить ущерб
prejudice, damage, harm, affect, impair, aggrieve
причинять вред
harm, hurt, do harm, prejudice, damnify, shipwreck
имя существительное
preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience.
English prejudice against foreigners
harm or injury that results or may result from some action or judgment.
prejudice resulting from delay in the institution of the proceedings
give rise to prejudice in (someone); make biased.
the statement might prejudice the jury
cause harm to (a state of affairs).
delay is likely to prejudice the child's welfare
It is one of the most misunderstood conditions in society, leaving sufferers facing prejudice on a daily basis.
Religious or racial prejudice and xenophobia are not likely to go away as long as human nature is what it is.
We were met with great prejudice and hostility in the workplace and often had to settle for lower-paid, part-time and freelance contracts - none of which came with a pension.
In the circumstances, it is necessary to assess whether the delay has caused irremediable prejudice to the defendant.
delay is likely to prejudice the child's welfare
But I believe that routine disclosure of any Category A reports would be likely to prejudice the purpose of preventing or detecting crime.
In its worse days it provides the basis for prejudice , discrimination, violence.
The Inspector failed to set out adequate reasons for his decision, as a result of which the Claimant has suffered substantial prejudice .
Where none of these conditions hold, the scripture must be taken literally, and not rejected on the basis of mere prejudice .
English prejudice against foreigners