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prehistory / предыстория
имя существительное
имя существительное
the period of time before written records.
myths that stretch back into prehistory
Hip-hop's prehistory offers a team of curators any number of potential entry points: African griots and other oral poetic traditions, the Beats, talking blues, Muhammad Ali trash-talk.
The wheel, the horse, the camel, and roads facilitated huge improvements in the speed and carrying capacity (though not the range) of overland transport when compared with the foot traffic of prehistory .
Thus, the information in our genomes carries with it a record of our prehistory .
After studying archaeology at Cambridge University, he became curator of prehistory at the Museum of London.
A given social episode or condition may be treated in the most detailed and compelling manner, but its prehistory is nearly always left out of the picture.
Here the old idea of prehistory , that time ‘before human beings could record their present or their past’ has no useful purpose.
Research on early medieval Italy based on written sources therefore shifted to later periods, taking the innovatory character of the Lombard era for granted and of relevance only for tracing the prehistory of later phenomena.
Archeological findings have placed knowledge of Iranian prehistory at middle Paleolithic times.
Living on the Isle of Wight with a life-long interest in prehistory I have spent many hours field-walking and have a substantial collection of flint tools and flakes.
Many archaeologists vigorously deny that cannibalism has ever been normal practice in Britain or elsewhere, in prehistory or at any more recent period.