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prefigure / представлять себе мысленно, воображать, служить прообразом
представлять себе мысленно
imagine, fancy, envision, dream, represent, prefigure
служить прообразом
be an early indication or version of (something).
the Hussite movement prefigured the Reformation
imagine beforehand.
she had prefigured her small pilgrimage as made in solitude
There are several parts of this book that prefigure portions of his later work.
Yet it contains an important truth - that the style and tone of a government are set early and do prefigure future actions.
However, some panels clearly prefigure his style in later comics like Sin City.
It's really a dark piece of work, pretty much driven by Mozart's guilt over his father's death; in a lot of ways, I think it prefigures his requiem mass.
Yet his opposition to racism won him strong support among northern free blacks, particularly in New England, and in this respect his activities prefigured the civil rights movement of the 1960s.
He does not look for prefigurement of the Gospel even in the Old Testament.
Tarkovsky sublimely prefigures space exploration with a five minute sequence of cars winding through the tunnels and overpasses of a modern Russian city.
Cooper's idea was for ‘a powerful beast from a lost world… giving a hint, a prefiguration of the dawn of man.‘
The most enthusiastic Europeans ‘Venusians,’ see the present European Union as the model, indeed the prefigurement , of a world run by ‘soft power.’
The thrilling flyby of the ring system that Cassini-Huygens will accomplish following Saturn Orbit Insertion prefigures the exciting encounters that are to come in the four-year mission.