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preferment / продвижение по службе, повышение
имя существительное
продвижение по службе
promotion, advance, preferment
rise, raise, rising, elevation, hike, preferment
имя существительное
promotion or appointment to a position or office.
after ordination, preferment was fast
Although he had previously opposed royal policies, he was a believer in firm government and accepted preferment in order to uphold the king's power.
I think they are more in touch with the part of their organisation that will provide them with preferment in their party.
He secured all kinds of preferment from local cadres, and even several marriage proposals from attractive and ambitious young ladies, before his exposure.
after ordination, preferment was fast
But you may be on your way to preferment in the new Administration.
Courtenay's aristocratic connections carried him rapidly up the ladder of preferment .
after ordination, preferment was fast
The most credible left wing candidates for succession or preferment would not change much of the last manifesto.
By midwinter these intraband tensions were exacerbated as Big Road's own young men reacted suspiciously to their leader's preferment .
The appointment was the officer's last posting, offering no prospect of promotion or preferment thereafter.