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preferential / льготный, преференциальный, предпочтительный
имя прилагательное
preferable, preferential, prefer
имя прилагательное
of or involving preference or partiality; constituting a favor or privilege.
preferential interest rates may be offered to employees
This is done so that parties can ‘direct’ their preferential votes.
I had been warned by the chairman of the board, Alan Craig, not to talk to any potential buyers or give any preferential treatment, and I never did.
Employees of the firm are listed as preferential creditors, and are due to be paid almost €130,000 from the insolvency fund.
I do remember examining my feelings at that time and wondering whether or not my parents' natural son had received any preferential treatment and I was forced to the conclusion that, if my parents had a favourite at all, then it was me.
In 1978 Haya was elected a member of the Constituent Assembly with the highest preferential votes.
Favourable or preferential treatment of nephews suggests that inheritance does not have to wait until the decease of the putative benefactor.
As an unsecured creditor, your claim would be dealt with after the claims of preferential and secured creditors.
It showed that the assets were sufficient to cover the amount of the debts assigned to the firm and all the potential claims of the preferential creditors.
They have enormous buying power and consequently get preferential treatment from suppliers.
They get my vote through the preferential system via the Greens and the Democrats.