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preferable / предпочтительный
имя прилагательное
preferable, preferential, prefer
имя прилагательное
more desirable or suitable.
lower interest rates were preferable to higher ones
If a slum is preferable , then we can only imagine the life in their native village.
However, he added that it was preferable to finding major problems with the home after completion.
Initially it would be preferable to have the property inspected by a reputable timber and damp expert.
It would be preferable if such items were taken away for disposal in the household refuse.
That said, it is easy to see why many people find even the hardships of a Scottish island preferable to urban life.
It sounds preferable to having kids locked away playing alone.
Experience of children with special needs is preferable , but full training will be given.
To help bring the fever down, a slightly cooler room temperature is preferable .
It's always preferable to have something else to read at times like this.
While it would be preferable if the Complainant did so, it is incorrect to imply that only he can do this.