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prefer / предпочтительный
имя прилагательное
preferable, preferential, prefer
prefer, choose, choose rather, affect
push, put forward, move out, pull out, advance, prefer
feed, serve, submit, supply, give, prefer
like (one thing or person) better than another or others; tend to choose.
I prefer Venice to Rome
submit (a charge or a piece of information) for consideration.
the police will prefer charges
promote or advance (someone) to a prestigious position.
he was preferred to the post
I would prefer to discuss the matter in private
I think people prefer a resident landlord as opposed to an absentee one.
It will ask people if they prefer this new system or the current one of an executive of councillors being in charge.
I would prefer to discuss the matter in private
The company would prefer a single supplier who could provide it with chips and boards for the full range of computers.
If people would prefer it in a different format, just drop me a line.
the police will prefer charges
The branches, however, proved to prefer approaches that were considerably more conventional.
Many people simply prefer the star and will choose it over the other symbols.
I prefer Venice to Rome