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preface / предисловие, пролог, вводная часть
имя существительное
preface, preamble, foreword, introduction, proem
prologue, prolog, preface
вводная часть
preamble, preface, prodrome, lead
start off, start, begin, commence, initiate, preface
снабжать предисловием
preface, precede, premise, prefix, introduce
имя существительное
an introduction to a book, typically stating its subject, scope, or aims.
This article is excerpted from the new preface to the updated paperback edition.
provide (a book) with a preface.
the book is prefaced by a quotation from William Faulkner
it was an abrupt question, made without even the preface of a greeting
The book contains a preface , six chapters and two appendices - one a list of end uses of asbestos and the other a partial list of organizations that specified asbestos in codes or standards.
This article is excerpted from the new preface to the updated paperback edition.
Ignoring her greeting card preface , the trio around me began to weave a tangle of memories, Lily's going farther back than the others.
The only statement even vaguely likely to incite dislike is a preface to the summary of western thought which is characterised as ‘the inconsistency of their argument’.
As George Menasseri, noted academician who wrote the preface to the book, points out, it is a break from the tradition in that the authors did not depend much on the works of foreign writers.
The relaunched book will include a preface written by renowned local poet Desmond Egan.
First published in 1994, this revised, softcover edition is, with the exception of a short preface , identical to the original, hardcover publication.
The book's 246 pages are divided into two forewords, a preface , eight chapters, and seven appendixes.
As the poet, writer and journalist Mohamad notes in his preface , the book makes no attempt to give a comprehensive account of the era.