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prefabricate / изготовлять заводским способом
изготовлять заводским способом
manufacture sections of (especially a building or piece of furniture) to enable quick or easy assembly on site.
prefabricated homes
The company have learned how to prefabricate the contents of their stores in such a way that they can operate in extremely small and odd shaped locations, if necessary.
The Red Cross expected to prefabricate some replacement homes and package them for air delivery, at a total cost of $100000.
As far as they are concerned, it is merely a piece of land to be exploited for cheaply constructed, almost prefabricated units, with pokey living quarters.
This is because all those little pieces have been prefabricated together into larger tiles.
Experts say tent camps and cheap prefabricated buildings will now be thrown up on dry land surrounding the city to help ease the pressure on the already cramped shelters.
We had the works done and the planning permission for two temporary prefabricated accommodations.
The product allowed prefabrication of brick masonry beams and panels, much like precast concrete, so that once fabricated, they could be rapidly installed.
Every part of the grid is connected to the floor, which was prefabricated with connections.
The concept of prefabrication showed early promise with the Case Study Houses Program in Los Angeles during the 1950s, but progress stalled.
Some favour purchasing a mobile or prefabricated unit, while others want to build the church using local, volunteer labour.