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preen / прихорашиваться, чистить клювом, гордиться собой
preen, smarten up, smarten, primp, smarten oneself up, titivate
чистить клювом
plume, preen
гордиться собой
(of a bird) straighten and clean its feathers with its beak.
robins preened at the pool's edge
This louse is the only common parasite on satin bowerbirds, and it is found mainly around the head and eyes where birds cannot easily preen .
With hundreds of new feathers regenerating, the bird must preen constantly.
If these substances come into contact with bird feathers they are impossible for the bird to preen or wash out.
The penguins ingest the oil as they preen their feathers, which changes the birds' immune systems, making them more vulnerable to disease.
The tall white birds preen , squawk, and soar majestically, like snowy B - 52s.
They then spend several hours preening and drying their feathers.
Watch any bird for a while, and you will see that it spends a lot of time preening its feathers and bathing in water or dust.
When preening , birds nibble and stroke their feathers, returning them to correct position.
For almost 10 years, I have preened myself on this single modest benefaction.
We're always expected to be preening ourselves , so it was a pretty nice opportunity not to have to think about that stuff for a while.