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predominate / господствовать, преобладать
dominate, rule, reign, prevail, predominate, command
prevail, predominate, dominate, preponderate
имя прилагательное
prevailing, predominant, predominate, prevalent, dominant, preponderant
ruling, dominant, predominate, prevailing, predominant, dominating
be the strongest or main element; be greater in number or amount.
small-scale producers predominate in the south
In practice, however, realist arguments for unilateralism predominate over internationalist, idealist ones.
Plants with strong forms predominate , notably agaves and cycads, which complement the existing bird of paradise and queen palm.
Fortunately the autobiographical element doesn't predominate .
small-scale producers predominate in the south
small-scale producers predominate in the south
We expect that a couple of large brewery groups will predominate and strong local brands will develop into regional brands.
They signified a new world order in which America's political and economic interests would predominate over those of the old imperial powers.
Black to brown colors predominate , whereas orange-gold colors are common and reds are comparatively rare.
private interest was not allowed to predominate over the public good
Ethnic Palauans predominate , inhabiting the main islands of the archipelago.