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predominance / преобладание, господство, превосходство
имя существительное
predominance, prevalence, dominance, preponderance, domination, predomination
domination, rule, dominance, dominating, supremacy, predominance
superiority, excellence, supremacy, advantage, dominance, predominance
имя существительное
the state or condition of being greater in number or amount.
the predominance of English language materials on the Web
there is a predominance of female teachers
There is an overwhelming predominance of female images in prehistoric art.
churches with a predominance of African-American members
The predominance of men in physics remains a puzzle.
Irritable bowel syndrome affects 10% of adults, with unexplained female predominance .
the predominance of English language materials on the Web
The predominance of females in the patients with a chronic cough is as one may expect.
Spain's Philip II believed that control of the gold of Peru and silver of Mexico would guarantee his nation's predominance in Europe.
The reason for the predominance of females in those with this lesion is not known.
the predominance of women in such professions as social work and nursing