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predictive / предсказывающий, пророческий
имя прилагательное
predictive, prophesying
prophetic, prophetical, oracular, predictive, fateful, divine
имя прилагательное
relating to or having the effect of predicting an event or result.
predictive accuracy
What really makes science different is empirical adequacy and predictive power of models.
In practice, scientific laws are simultaneously descriptive, explanatory, and predictive .
It fails to provide a strictly predictive model for even moderately complicated physical situations.
More long term studies are needed to provide data from which the positive and negative predictive values can be calculated.
This information is used to set the system goals through the use of simple or complex predictive models.
They then claim to have estimated the specificity and negative predictive values from these results.
A close look at the chart reveals that duration is more predictive of the effects than temperature.
One part of success is of course predictive success; but what of explanatory success?
They have no predictive superiority and are vastly inferior theoretically.
The main purpose is briefly to outline how the models differ and to consider which models have the most predictive value for the future.