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prediction / прогноз, предсказание, пророчество
имя существительное
forecast, prognosis, prediction
prediction, divination, forecast, oracle, prognostication, augury
prophecy, prediction, vaticination, soothsaying
имя существительное
a thing predicted; a forecast.
a prediction that the Greeks would destroy the Persian empire
The first thing to notice is that demographers have never been much good at prediction .
He held that these laws are nothing but computational devices for the description and prediction of phenomena.
In 1919, the war over, he went to Liverpool and started on his life's work, tide prediction .
Japan is the only country in the world to maintain a major research programme in earthquake prediction .
With Julian's prediction in mind, the arrival of each new pupil had me aching.
We were totally right yesterday, so here is another prediction we expect you to trust.
The dangerous game of prediction separates the optimists from the pessimists.
a prediction that the Greeks would destroy the Persian empire
It is true that prediction is a difficult business, especially when it involves the future.
Then the envelope will be opened to reveal if Paul's prediction has come true.