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predictable / предсказуемый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
able to be predicted.
the market is volatile and never predictable
He was always so predictable , and now he was behaving completely out of character.
All of the fight scenes follow a predictable course, with little or no surprises.
Though the arrangements are predictable , Staton's versatile voice is a revelation.
For the rest, the end is predictable but the initiative is always in the hands of Hamid.
The mother-of-one is equally prepared for predictable praise directed at her.
Looking back, he sees his reaction as sadly predictable after years of psychological bullying.
They observe all the rules and expect others to do likewise, and can be very predictable .
Many people might think that computers will always be predictable , since all they ever do is follow a program.
The album avoids being banal and predictable because he is not afraid to fully use his voice.
The plot is predictable , although the characters are a little less sweet than you might expect.