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predict / предсказывать
predict, prophesy, forecast, foretell, divine, soothsay
say or estimate that (a specified thing) will happen in the future or will be a consequence of something.
it is too early to predict a result
It would be impossible at this point to predict the outcome of a future referendum.
They are also working to predict future demand in the face of further housing development.
it is too early to predict a result
If we could predict the future uses of new technology, they wouldn't be innovative.
Isn't it amazing how far into the future they can predict the weather these days?
In the future, we may be able to predict such events, and their impact on the Earth.
it is too early to predict a result
After all, huge scientific advances are predicted for the early years of this century.
Neurotic characteristics, by contrast, were a predictor of breakdown.
In one study, level of violence was the greatest predictor of separation and divorce.