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predicate / предикат, сказуемое, утверждение
имя существительное
affirmation, approval, statement, assertion, claim, predicate
имя прилагательное
predicative, predicate
claim, affirm, say, assert, maintain, predicate
основывать на фактах
имя существительное
the part of a sentence or clause containing a verb and stating something about the subject (e.g., went home in John went home ).
predicate adjective
state, affirm, or assert (something) about the subject of a sentence or an argument of proposition.
a word that predicates something about its subject
found or base something on.
the theory of structure on which later chemistry was predicated
The theory that existence is not a predicate implies, however, that all existential propositions are synthetic.
This is the subject, and the predicate has the form is + noun phrase.
For example, a descriptive word before a noun is an adjective; if it follows the noun it becomes a predicate .
In ‘On Interpretation’ Aristotle argues that a single assertion must always either affirm or deny a single predicate of a single subject.
predicate adjective
Both Kant and Russell for example are interested in the logical issue of whether existence is a predicate .
In stating that the entity possesses the attribute, we use a predicate with a single argument.
Please remember to answer in complete subject / predicate sentences to demonstrate your communicative skills.
Consider, for example, the scope of the authority Mary believes the love-charm affords her and what, in the end, that authority is predicated upon .
It must simply be that the quantity may be truly predicated of the object.