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predetermine / предопределять, предрешать, повлиять
predetermine, ordain, foreordain, predestinate, predestine, order
predetermine, foreclose, decide beforehand, forejudge, foredoom
establish or decide in advance.
closed questions almost predetermine the response given
closed questions almost predetermine the response given
The interviewer has to predetermine the total points to select a successful candidate.
An attempt by parliament to predetermine the outcome of judicial activity is, at least on the face of it, in contravention of the doctrine of separation of powers which is in fact enshrined in our Constitution.
closed questions almost predetermine the response given
They often use a rheostat, which is similar to a humidistat, so that not only can you predetermine the level of humidity you want, but also allow the machine to adjust intelligently to overall humidity.
Psychiatric pharmacogenetics attempts to define genetic variations in patients that will predetermine their responses to a specific medication.
These methods in fact predetermine the scientific level of research into various problems facing the military.
In answer to the first part of the question, this Government does not predetermine the results of reviews.
It does not predetermine the outcome of the immigration decision.
In ‘The Thin Red Line’ nature's beauty and innocence is contrasted with the horror of war, and Bjork's character in ‘Dancer in the Dark’ challenges and defeats the predetermination that a genetic defect will cause her son to go blind.