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predatory / хищный, грабительский, хищнический
имя прилагательное
predatory, ravenous, rapacious, predaceous, predacious, raptorial
predatory, extortionate, rapacious, burglarious, ravenous, penal
predatory, predacious, marauding, predaceous
имя прилагательное
relating to or denoting an animal or animals preying naturally on others.
predatory birds
seeking to exploit or oppress others.
a life destroyed by predatory biographers and yellow journalists
The bill also significantly improves protection for society's most vulnerable groups against exploitation by predatory sexual offenders.
Effective defense against newly encountered predatory species is clearly one factor that could facilitate establishment of an introduced species.
If predatory birds expect their prey to fall to the ground, Schmitz and Auliya's argument runs, they would be unlikely to notice a lizard still hanging from a branch.
Large, predatory mammals form a guild in which competition is expected to be relatively intense.
Mercury then enters the aquatic food chain, becoming more concentrated in higher-level predatory fish.
The predatory species therefore also have short life spans.
Several strains and species of predatory nematodes are produced and sold.
Describing himself as one of the ‘new princes of corporate feudalism,’ the CEO is corrupt, predatory and greedy.
Scientists still aren't clear, for example, whether the birds hunted in packs like velociraptors or individually like large predatory cats.
Unfortunately, predatory adults are already using the recent disaster to exploit these imperiled children.