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predator / хищник
имя существительное
predator, vulture, wolf, hawk, harpy, kite
имя существительное
an animal that naturally preys on others.
wolves are major predators of rodents
a person or group that ruthlessly exploits others.
a website frequented by sexual predators
This shielding along with the cryptic coloration of the predator prevents the prey from becoming alarmed.
a defensive move to prevent the business falling into the hands of an overseas predator
Women in those situations are particularly vulnerable to a predator and a manipulator like Ben.
a sexual predator
Now that global mobile phone sales have started to fall for the first time ever, producers may well have to turn predator in order to win market share.
That could make the business attractive to a larger predator who could integrate head office functions and justify a higher price.
Given its lowly valuation, a growing number of brokers believe that the car salvage specialist is a sitting duck for a predator .
Poison pills are designed to make it prohibitively expensive for a predator to take over a company.
At the current share price, in an industry where consolidation is becoming a more pressing imperative, don't be surprised to see a predator pounce.
Bluntnose minnows serve an important role as prey for larger animals and as a predator on insect larvae.