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precursor / предшественник, предвестник, предтеча
имя существительное
predecessor, precursor, progenitor, forerunner, forbear, foregoer
precursor, harbinger, forerunner, herald, messenger, prognostic
forerunner, precursor
имя существительное
a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner.
a three-stringed precursor of the violin
pepsinogen is the inactive precursor of pepsin
This is a precursor of the modern Spaghetti alla carbonara, one of the most popular pasta dishes, but of obscure origin.
In so doing, Coram created London's first art gallery, a precursor of the Royal Academy.
In the Netherlands, shared care models have acted as a precursor of the recently introduced concept of disease management.
a three-stringed precursor of the violin
Meat contains cholesterol, a precursor to many hormones, including testosterone.
The clicking noise is normally a precursor of a lost/broken rivet and should be regarded as a warning sign.
This monologue dates from 1977, and it is perhaps most interesting as a precursor of the author's later and better work.
Companies can be guided by key lead indicators which have historically been a precursor of a change in activity levels for their business sector.
On the one hand, alchemy is regarded as a precursor of the modern science of chemistry.