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precondition / предпосылка, предварительное условие, непременное условие
имя существительное
premise, background, prerequisite, precondition, presupposition, premiss
предварительное условие
precondition, condition precedent, postulate
непременное условие
заранее обусловить
заранее оговорить
имя существительное
a condition that must be fulfilled before other things can happen or be done.
a precondition for peace
condition (an action) to happen in a certain way.
inquiries are always preconditioned by cultural assumptions
bring (something) into the desired state for use.
preconditioned paper
No longer content with surface vision, Janie is learning to ‘look further,’ a necessary precondition for finding an expressive voice.
Fast Internet access is an essential precondition for economic modernisation and it needs to be available throughout New Zealand, so that our rural industries can benefit from it along with our cities.
Nothing else will destroy or even greatly weaken the power of the current educational establishment - a necessary precondition for radical improvement in our educational system.
This attitude was acceptable when not much information was available about what makes a tree fail or what factors precondition a tree to fail.
a precondition for peace
Liking the name was not the only reason for adopting it, just a necessary precondition for doing so.
We can produce the ferrets and precondition them to survive in the wild.
The first thing clergy can do is to make premarital education a necessary precondition for officiating at a couple's ceremony.
For instance, liberals in the 18th century advocated more religious freedom but not the right to be an atheist, because a belief in God was seen as a necessary precondition for social life.
Recall that an essential precondition for exchange is a mutual perception of fairness.