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preclude / предотвращать, мешать, устранять
prevent, avert, preclude, stave off
interfere, disturb, prevent, stir, interrupt, preclude
eliminate, remove, obviate, preclude, exclude, make away
prevent from happening; make impossible.
the secret nature of his work precluded official recognition
A rider must be visible at all times in order to preclude collisions from happening.
This being so I do not think the rules preclude the court from allowing the landlords' intervention.
his difficulties preclude him from leading a normal life
They did not preclude national rules to control television advertising designed to protect consumers.
There are other statutory rules which will preclude a successful claim for infringement of a right under civil law.
Ethel Merman was said to have given one of the all-time classic performances when she played Mama Rose in Gypsy, but that didn't preclude Angela Lansbury from doing a version that many preferred.
The rules of judicial ethics preclude him from commenting publicly on pending or impending litigation or participating in politics, as by endorsing candidates.
Lack of government initiative and low literacy rates preclude effective prevention programmes.
his difficulties preclude him from leading a normal life
However, there is no special rule precluding liability in all cases of group or class defamation.