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precision / точность, четкость, аккуратность
имя существительное
accuracy, precision, exactness, fidelity, correctness, exactitude
definition, clarity, precision, legibility, preciseness, neatness
accuracy, precision, neatness, tidiness, orderliness, punctuality
имя прилагательное
accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, strict
accurate, precision, on target, well-directed
имя существительное
the quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate.
the deal was planned and executed with military precision
The pacing is speedy and the jokes come thick and fast; the screenwriters set up and pull off gags with exacting precision .
It took a team of three technicians to coordinate the lasers and rotate the accelerator, using lasers to guide it to a precision hit.
Even so-called precision bombing is only as accurate as the intelligence that guides it.
To check the measurement precision of our scatterometer, we conducted tests.
the deal was planned and executed with military precision
The protest appears to have been organized with almost military precision .
Timeliness in reporting is just as much a quality issue as are the accuracy and precision of testing.
Now even more airshow fans will be able to see the precision aerobatics.
It was Townsend who supplied a precision flick on to Cormac Mullins who saw his point blank shot saved by the Tullow keeper.
The code must be clean, well organized and properly executed with precision and accuracy.