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precisely / именно, точно, в точности
exactly, namely, precisely, just, videlicet
exactly, precisely, accurately, just, for sure, definitely
в точности
precisely, in facsimile
in exact terms; without vagueness.
the guidelines are precisely defined
So although the Chair may be saying to come back to the bill, it is precisely why that issue is directly relevant.
They would stay for precisely 120 minutes, and when they left, the fate of the village would be sealed.
It is precisely when we need the truth and power of this Word of God that it is hardest to believe it.
the guidelines are precisely defined
Hours later she was able to tell them, in grim, upsetting detail, precisely what she had done.
the guidelines are precisely defined
Do you make it a habit to see that each shrub is facing precisely in the direction it should be?
The appeals tribunal promptly heard the evidence and came to precisely the same conclusion.
Your registered title should precisely define what you do and do not own and what other rights of access you may have.
Whether or not the percentage is precisely accurate does not matter.