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precise / точный, четкий, аккуратный
имя прилагательное
accurate, exact, precise, just, precision, strict
readable, precise, crisp, legible, concise, neat
orderly, careful, neat, tidy, trim, precise
specify, precise, itemize
имя прилагательное
marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
precise directions
His direction is lean and precise , but allows his characters and scenes to expand.
Of course it was dramatic at this precise moment, but it wouldn't last long, and then we'd just put it down as a bad experience.
It is to be understood that the precise location of the new station has been decided and that the designs have been finalised.
Write in a precise , clear style and stick to the point, only including relevant information.
How can a bird with such a small brain remember the precise locations of so many food caches?
Anyone having a florid imagination or a tendency to exaggerate is less likely to be a reliable witness than one who is precise and careful.
At the press conference announcing his decision to join Vinayan's new film, he was precise and clear.
No precise moment can be specified; like much else in medicine it will be a matter of judgment.
Tomb paintings illustrate wine production amply, although the precise details are not always clear.
Les was meticulous and precise , particularly in his use of English.