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precipitate / осадок
имя существительное
precipitate, sediment, residue, sludge, deposit, precipitation
precipitate, settle, deposit, sediment
besiege, precipitate, beset, deposit, beleaguer, surround
accelerate, speed up, speed, hasten, expedite, precipitate
имя прилагательное
reckless, rash, heady, hasty, inconsiderate, precipitate
hasty, hurried, snap, rash, precipitate, facile
imprudent, inconsiderate, incautious, unadvised, unguarded, precipitate
имя прилагательное
done, made, or acting suddenly or without careful consideration.
I must apologize for my staff—their actions were precipitate
имя существительное
a substance precipitated from a solution.
Any silver ions present form a white precipitate (silver chloride).
cause (an event or situation, typically one that is bad or undesirable) to happen suddenly, unexpectedly, or prematurely.
the incident precipitated a political crisis
cause (a substance) to be deposited in solid form from a solution.
It is then mixed with ammonia to precipitate solid uranium oxide that is of a purer grade.
But most borrowers will lose substantially by taking this kind of precipitate action.
But she certainly stirred a mob reaction in populist manner on an issue that needs sensitive and informed leadership and serious democratic debate, careful and caring thought, not instinctive and precipitate action.
It is good news that there is a deal, but many questions remain and policyholders should not take precipitate action yet.
The modest fall-off which ensued was followed by a more precipitate decline in World War I, the result of a cut in mine production occasioned by labour shortages.
It may be that the precipitate fall in the last survey - widely regarded in both the radio and advertising industries as a glitch - is no fluke.
The cracking of an old bough, or the hooting of the owl, was enough to fill me with alarm, and try my strength in a precipitate flight.
The final Confederate collapse was precipitate .
While some advisers are recommending that investors take a more sceptical approach if they are faced with changes in their fund management company, others caution that it would be wrong to take precipitate action.
Any silver ions present form a white precipitate (silver chloride).
We're yet to see why three of the most professional and senior staff in the public service would take such a precipitate action.